This is me, we gonna look at how to get location from the device Android, Ios and Web as well.

It's quite straight forward by using the following flutter dependency.

Following the above documentation, we can get set up permissions, enable location in the device and get the current location…

This library WebView Logger(WVL) gets the logs from the console without using remote logging chrome://inspect.

Notable usage

  1. View Logs from WebView(ConsoleLogs)
  2. Send logs to mail

Add below line in Project.gradle

repositories {      //... other repos maven 
url "https://dl.bintray.com/arulmani/WebKit"

Add below line in App.gradle under Dependecy section

implementation 'com.arul.webkit:wvl:1.0.4'


Every Android developer knows how time taking is to create a new project from the scratch so rectify this android development have special architecture called modules architecture. We can reduce time, reuse the code by configuring into your project here is an elaborated guide to a modular architecture.

Creating a…

Hello world,

I have working on my project which is seamlessly communicate HTML page (Includes javascript) which is loaded in WebView. The communication mostly consumes data from API or local DB send back to the WebView to populate in HTML.

Its quite simply explained in this following thread

Then where…

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